Navigation FAQ


The Intergalactic Lan Party made a video about the Navigation tool.
The video makes a great tutorial: Star Citizen: Mine and salvage in peace, How to get to the Aaron halo from any point in the verse

Why are there no moons to select?

The moons can not be seen from the Halo.

Why can’t I select a planet together with it’s L1, L2 and L3 points?

This doesn’t seem to affect the L4 or L5 bodies.

The planet and it’s nearby Lagrange (L1 and L2) points are too close together for reliable calculations. Well separated bodies give better results.

The L3 point is on the same diameter as its planet, and, in some cases, could give ambiguous results.

A derelict space station near CRU-L2

What precision should I use when entering distances?

The results are to the nearest 1,000 km.

For mining and casual navigation, jumping to the middle of the bands, a few thousand km here or there won’t make a huge difference.

Check under options for other levels of precision if you need them.


  • The source data for the rings is to the nearest 1,000 km.
    Showing a higher precision in the results suggests better accuracy than the data supports.
  • Source data for planets is to the nearest 1 km.
  • You might find it easier to enter distances in Mm (Mega meters).
    You can find that under options.
    Don’t forget to switch back to km when jumping (add three zeros, or multiply by 1000).

Is CRU-L2 in the Halo?

It is. In a previous version of SC, Delamar was at this location.

Because of this moon, there are fewer rocks at CRU-L2.

From my own experience, jumping to CRU-L2 (3.17.4). There were no asteroids present at CRU-L2.

Jumping to CRU-L2A, CRU-L2B and CRU-L2C, they did have asteroids, including mineable asteroids.

A derelict space station near CRU-L2

This route looks odd

I’m next to Hurston, and the navigator says my shortest route is to MIC-L5, what is happening?

You are flying toward MIC-L5, but you’ll drop out of your Quantum jump at the Halo. This is much closer.

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