A few Minor tweaks today

I’ve modified how astronomical body options are disabled.
Planets and their Lagrange point options will no longer be disabled in their own body field. Basically, you can swap between a planet and its L1 and L2 points.

L3 points are now disabled with planets and L1 & L2 points. There is a chance that we won’t be able to decide which side of the system you are on, especially if Stanton is also selected.

Disabled options are now greyed out.
This makes them easier to see and identify.

p.s. If these changes do not show, try refreshing your browser.
On PCs, usually, press <Ctrl><f5>. On my laptop, I press <Ctrl><Fn><f5>.
I don’t use Apple devices and rarely brows on my phone, so can not advise there.

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