Polishing and upgrading

Some major changes have been made to the Stanton navigation page.

  • The planetary bodies entry form has been re-arranged:
  • This means all the key information is in a dashboard.
    No need to scroll through the rest of the page hunting for that elusive detail.
  • A target body and drop out distance have been included in the dashboard.
    This is on a different colour back-ground to highlight these important details.
  • The map has been moved above the drop out distances table.
  • The map now shows jump routes.
    Take a look, I think it’s quite fun, seeing how changes to the return destination affect your route.
  • A fixed menu has been added to the top, right-hand side of the page. This will help speed you to the section of interest.

The site has been added to a CDN, this should make pages quicker to load.

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